Blog Tour with Review: I Just Need You by J Nathan

October 29, 2020


I Just Need You by J. Nathan is now live! 

He's there to protect her...not fall for her.

Studying abroad was my chance to gain independence away from my privileged life in California. But, when there's a kidnapping attempt on my life, I'm forced to return home to finish college. I just never expected to get stuck with a pompous, know-it-all bodyguard who watches my every move with nothing but disdain. One whose good looks don't soften the cold, impenetrable wall he wears like armor.  

I pride myself on being a professional and taking my job as a bodyguard seriously. But, nothing could prepare me for the high maintenance, rich girl I'm hired to protect. She's got a smart mouth, is hell bent on pushing my buttons, and doesn't take the threats against her seriously. And despite the nightmares that plague her dreams, or the fact that I'm the only one who knows about them, I'm not there to befriend her. I'm there to protect matter how much she intrigues me.

Jabs will be exchanged, glares will become the norm, jealousy will rear its ugly head, and sparks...well those damn things will inevitably fly. But will it all come with a dangerous price?

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Well this was a pleasant surprise! Normally I would fall head first for the hero but that was not the case in this story. I wanted to be best friends with the heroine and help her because she was just one of those girls that you gravitate towards. I Just Need You was sexy, mysterious bodyguard romance that made you root for the forbidden romance because you KNOW that this one was going to be special.

Some would say that being the only child to billionaire parents is a wonderful thing but for 21 one year old Kresley, she will tell you that it is not always roses. Having to watch your back in fear of being a target is always at the forefront and unfortunately her worst nightmare became a reality. Forced to get extra security in her Senior year of college, Kresley has to adjust to her new life along with trying to secure a sense of normalcy. But when she meets her new protector, normal is not what she should be worried about.


Twenty five year old Tristan has been the best at his job for the past seven years. He’s level headed, a leader and he knows that his clients safety is top priority. But when he’s assigned to protect a college student who at first sight changes the course of his job, Tristan knows that this assignment is going to be different because of the blonde beauty. With danger lurking in the background, will Tristan and Kelsey survive each other?

I love that this was a body guard romance and quite frankly, that was what drew me to this story. I was sold on the forbidden but the banter between the main characters was the bright star for me. I LOVED it!!! These two had a connection from the very beginning and watching them try to fight it, was entertaining. I laughed, bit my fingernails, groaned in frustration, and shouted finally from the rooftops after taking a shot because let’s be real……


Now I was not a fan of everything in the story but I can say that I did enjoy most of it. The characters were refreshing and I loved that it had a little bit of mystery to it. If you’re like me and this is the first time reading anything from this author, I would highly recommend you start with this book.

Meet J.

J. Nathan is the author of new adult, sports, and rock star romances with cocky heroes and sassy heroines. When she's not writing, she's a crazy soccer and baseball mom as well as a total romance junkie! She loves watermelon margaritas, guys in backward hats, country music, and the summertime.
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