New Release with Review: I Promise You by Shantel Tessier

April 26, 2019

Title: I Promise You
Series: Dare #2
Author: Shantel Tessier
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 26, 2019


It was supposed to be a game.
I Dare You.
We brought her in 'cause I wanted to play with her. 
Destroy her.
But plans change and she got caught in the cross fire. 
Then I did something far worse. I fell in love with her, but she doesn't know I still have secrets.
Ones that could rip us all apart. 
We're sharks.
Raised to hunt and kill.
We take what we want without asking.
We've never needed permission, so I'm not about to start now.
You think you know everything, but we're about to do what we do best and prove you wrong-I Promise You!

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Coming off of I Dare You not too long ago, I really wanted to see how the rest of this story was going to play out. We knew that there were going to be a lot of consequences, blood shed, retribution, and a love reunion that was set in the making. We knew those things and we were prepared for them but the one thing that was constantly on a loop in my mind was this: 

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If you haven’t read book one yet, do NOT go further into this review! Hours after seeing the love of his life at death’s door, Cole is out for blood. Literally. On a mission of his own with his best friend not too far away, Cole and Deke takes care of the situation the only way they know how: with no apologies. But you know how the saying goes, the past always have a way of coming back to haunt you along with buried secrets. 

I was not a fan of the main character in the previous book but I will admit that I did warm up to him a little bit in this one. A lot of things happened and I felt like he needed more redemption in my eyes but he did keep me entertained. There was also a lot of things that were already mentioned in the previous book and this felt more like a recap if I’m being honest which I didn’t need. I think that If most of it wasn’t mentioned and more plot twists came up, I would’ve really loved it more. 
With that being said, I’m anxious to see what’s going to happen next with Deke!! Let the bloodshed continue

Author Bio

Shantel is a Texas born girl who now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her high school sweetheart, who is a wonderful, supportive husband and their two daughters. She loves to spend time cuddled up on the couch with a good book.

She considers herself extremely lucky to get to be a stay at home wife and mother. Going to concerts and the movies are just a few of her favorite things to do. She hates coffee, but loves wine. She and her husband are both huge football fans, college and NFL. And she has to feed her high heel addiction by shopping for shoes weekly.

Although she has a passion to write, her family is most important to her. She loves spending evenings at home with her husband and daughters, along with their cat and dog.

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