Aug 5, 2016

Blog Tour & Review Post : Blind Landing by Carrie Aarons

Today we have Blind Landing by Carrie Aarons. Grab this sexy sports romance just in time for the Olympics!!

Blind Landing BT Ban

About Blind Landing:

BL Amazon Fear stops dreams in their tracks before they even have a chance. Then again, so do injuries. Natalia Grekov was born to win Olympic gold. As the USA’s top gymnast, she’s calm, confident and ready to make her country proud in just two short months. And her elite athlete lifestyle includes no time for distractions—especially men. When a disastrous fall in practice puts her dreams at risk, it seems the only person who can help her is the one person she wants nothing from. Spencer Russell is gymnastics’ bad boy. A cocky, laid-back charmer with abs of steel and a witty mouth, he waltzes around the U.S. Gymnastics Training Camp like he owns the place—even though he doesn't anymore. After an injury sidelined his career and any chance at Olympic glory, he’s now just a coach, helping other gymnasts reach their goals. Serious is not a word in Spencer’s vocabulary. But when Natalia tumbles into his life, he's suddenly sincerely interested in helping the blonde beauty in any way he can. Can they vault over the obstacles standing in their way? Or will Spencer be the distraction that causes Natalia's chance at gold to crash and burn?

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“I don’t run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run towards it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your foot.” ~Nadia Comaneci 

Blind Landing is my first Carrie Aarons book and to be honest it was the cover that caught my attention first.It's gorgeous and it doesn't just exudes beauty but there's just something with it that makes it really appealing as if it's calling unto me even if it's just there sitting.

First few pages and I said "I made the right decision of signing up an ARC". I got hooked from the very first page. It really started so good everything just flows flawlessly making you feel like being swayed. The plot and the storylines are worth rooting for. It is lighthearted with a little angst and the tempo is just on the steady pace giving you enough time to devour every lines without making it dull and boring. What I love more about it also are glimpses of the gymnastic world escpecially on the trainings and the in and outs of the elite gymnasts working hard to be qualified not just to on an any international events but to be chosen as qualifiers for Olympic games.

Yeah, and that's where Blind Landing, the story of Spencer and Natalia started. 
Spencer Russellis the bad boy of gymnastics, a ladies’ man, a laid-back go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He gets away with everything and looks damn good doing it. In short the man is TROUBLE. 

Natalia Grekovon the other hand, well she's not our shy and meek heroine.In fact she’s the female Spencer Russel. She’s fearless and outspoken, not the type to just go along with anything and everything her coaches say. She likes to color outside the lines a little, but is still one of the most focused, kickass gymnasts to ever come up through the ranks. 

Yes they both breathe and live gymnastics and their journey started as "flirty friends" in the training campus until Russel coaches Natalia to conquer her fear and her weakness that could hinder her be disqualified from making it into the Olympic Team....

And that's where this story gets very interesting and and enjoyable read. From sneaking out at the wee hours for their private practice even if it means risking not just Spencer's job but also Nat's dream to their sexcapades in the dorm room and at the gym. Add up a bathroom sex and I was a goner!!! As I was reading, I feel like my blood was pumping hysterically in my veins afraid they might get caught but at the same time excited for them both. Their adventures is on the hype... it's so sensual. They got an awesome chemistry. Until... What started as hook up on top of helping a fearless gymnast cure her fears turned out so much more.

And..I'll stop there because you need to read it yourself. I can go on and on but I know I wont stop. So go now, One Click this book and go on a ride with Natalia and Spencer's sweet and sexy story of love and what it will do to you.

Spencer is my blind landing, the thing that I never saw coming. 

A must read!


 Author of romance novels such as Red Card and the Captive Heart Duet, Carrie Aarons writes sexy, swoony and sarcastic characters who won't get out of her head until she puts them down on a page. Carrie has wanted to be an author since the first time she opened a book. She loves spinning tales that include dapper men, women with attitude, and the occasional hunky athlete. When she isn't in what her husband calls a "writing coma", Carrie is freeing up her jam-packed DVR, starting her latest DIY project, or planning her next travel adventure. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, who is more than happy to watch sports while his wife plots love stories.

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