Jan 30, 2016

Yes, Mr. Mitchell (Mr. Mitchell #1) by Luxx Monroe REVIEW

Nicole Swanson was a good girl, a good girl that had something she didn’t want. After being convinced that her virginity would only hinder her college experience, she decided to give it up to a hot, older man. Only she had no idea who he was. 

Garren Mitchell was on a paved road to success. He loved everything about his life, even the fact that he never dated. Ever. That was until Nicole barged into his life. 
Will Garren and Nicole be able to pass the hurdles that are thrown in front of them, or will they simply call it quits and take the easy way out? 

**Note from the author** 
If you're into sweet but naughty books about forbidden student-teacher relationships, then this book is just for you. If you steer clear of cliffhangers, you’ve been warned.
Book Two, 'You're Mine, Nicole', will be out very soon.

★★★★4 Freaky Stars★★★★

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Nicole Swanson is a good girl. Always staying in line,abiding by the rules, she decides that for her freshman year in College, come hell or highwater she's going to lose her virginity.Deciding on a night out on the town she meets a sexy mysterious guy. Thinking no harm can be done, she decides to give it up to him right then and there. Mission accomplished right? The one thing that was holding her back have finally been taken care of and all she wants to do is start her freshman year off with a bang. 

What happens when your one night stand turns out to be your Professor?

Garren Mitchell is everything going for him. Good looks,money,a best-selling book and women. Lots and lots of women. Relationships are a no no for this twenty nine year old so he sticks with his five rules that have made his life complication free. That is until a certain blonde who he's been having a hard time trying to forget, is in his class. 

" I had five rules when it came to women:

1. I never date. Ever.

2. Never learn past information; don't get attached.

3. DO NOT share any personal information.

4. No gifts.

5. If any girl makes me feel like breaking rules 1-4, rid them from my life. 

Rules were meant to be broken and Garren and Nicole did just that. Lines were crossed,obsession was created and a passion that they both fought were eventually ignited. Until it all came to a deadly screeching halt that had me cussing this author's name.

" I knew I wasn't the greatest guy, I knew I had my flaws, and at that moment I knew I was going. straight to hell, but didn't give a flying fuck. 

This was a fast pace quick read and while that's really not my thing, I liked it enough. My only problem with this was the constant name calling of the characters. I already knew the characters name so it felt unnecessary to keep calling them by it all the time.(yes I'm a picky bitch). There was something else I didn't like but for fear of spoilers, I'm going to refrain from saying it.

If you're looking for a hot student/teacher romance with a slight mystery to it, then this book is for you. 

Note: This ends on a cliffhanger so be prepared to stalk the hell out of this author.

4.0 WTF STARS!!!

Yes, Mr.Mitchell is a quick read that follows the story of Nicole who wanted go get rid of her V-card that she has been holding on for an unknown reason. In pursuit of getting laid, she bumped into a hot guy whose stare could melt your panties right off...Garren Mitchell...the hot Green Eyed Man that had rules when it comes to women:

1. I never date. Ever. 
2. Never learn past information; don’t get attached. 
3. DO NOT share any personal information.
4. No gifts. 
5. If any girl makes me feel like breaking rules 1–4, rid them from my life.

But,what are the circumstances be, when you found out on your first class on your first day at school that your virgin snatcher in the flesh is your damn hot professor???

Yeah right??but that's what makes this story an enjoyable read.I will not further discuss what's in it in the story but I'll tell you this,The book is good. The character's sexual chemistry is so hot and undeniable except for the scenes that seems a lil bit cliche and way more rushed but overall it's quite a read. And that cliffy that made me say what the f*ck!!!

Luxx Monroe,just did a great job. If you want to read a taboo story with a twist then this book is for you. Beware though, this author is just good at delivering a  story no matter how short and quick read , never fails to write a story with a cliffy that make you want to strangle someone. 

Can't wait for the next  book! Like really, I want it now!

PS... You’re Mine by Alexa Riley REVIEW

Katie Lovely signs up her class for a project, writing letters to Marines serving overseas, but a calculation error means she has to participate along with the class. 
She isn’t prepared for what happens after she gets the first letter. 
Sergeant Major Mark Gunner is serving his last tour and looking forward to getting out of the Marines. When he gets a letter that captures his heart, everything suddenly changes. 
Their worlds connect and letters flow, creating a love unlike any other. 
But when their time is up and the letters stop, will his claim remain? 
Warning: This is a super quick, sweet, and dirty read with a small Valentine twist. *whispers* Don’t worry, it’s a happily ever after!

★★★★4 You're Mine Stars★★★★

This was a really sweet read and my favorite so far from Alexa Riley. This had a little more story to it and I found myself wanting it to last longer. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to the sexy Sergeant Major Mark Gunner.
Katie Lovely is High School teacher. Having her class signed up for a writing project where they write letters to Marines over seas, she realizes that she has to be a part of it due to the absence of one her students. Thinking that its going to be an easy thing, she starts writing. What she didn't expect was how much she would enjoy getting to know Sergeant Gunner and looking forward to his letters.
Mark Gunner has been a Marine since he turned eighteen and now twenty years later, he's looking forward to retiring and being laid back. Getting letters from a high school teacher to pass the time became the high light of his week and sparked a lust inside of him that was long forgotten.
What will happen when these two finally meet? Can you really love someone without ever meeting them?
This was a great quick read with a sweet epilogue that I adored. If you're a fan of Alexa Riley,then you don't want to miss out on this one.

Alexa Riley

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Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty books. They are both married moms of two who love football, donuts, and obsessed book heroes.
They specialize in insta-love, over-the-top, sweet, and cheesy love stories that don’t take all year to read. If you want something SAFE, short, and always with a happily ever after, then Alexa Riley is for you!
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Title: Encore Worthy
Series: Mountains and Men prequel novella
Author: R.C. Martin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 28, 2016
He was arrogant. 
He was beautiful. 
He was to be her one night fix.
She was gorgeous. 
She was haunted.
She was to be his temporary muse. 
Millicent Valentine isn't looking for much when she walks into The Brew Cycle for a night out with friends. She isn't after love. Why risk the heartache when one night of unbridled passion will do the trick? Any handsome, willing male will do just fine. When she is introduced to the lead singer of Mountains & Men, she can't seem to take her eyes off of him. He’s an arrogant little shit—but it’s only one night, right?
Sage McCoy is always on the prowl, knowing he can get just about any girl in the room after a night on stage. When he’s introduced to Millie, there is no doubt in his mind that he has to have her. But when he gets her alone, she makes his heart sing and he’s convinced one night will never do.
When morning dawns, the knowledge that comes with the sun has Millicent kicking Sage to the curb—but he knows what he wants and he’s ready for the chase. 
His one night stand is worthy of an encore.


Mostrando review.jpg4.5 DOLL FACE STARS!!!

"I DON’T BELIEVE IN love at first sight. Love is messy. It’s complicated. It’s fucking crazy. How can you tell, with just one look, that you’re staring at someone you love? How can you guess, in just one moment, that you’ll go through shit and back just to make her smile? Can you seriously guarantee, without even knowing her name, that you’re ready to take on her demons? In an instant, are you brave enough to give her yours?"

Sage - a tattoed, arrogant...beautiful...gets any woman he wants..Millie - beautiful...haunted...never goes after love...
Just one night of heated passion..and then it was never enough.

Sexy!Hilarious!Awesome! This is My first R.C Martin book and I was like Wow!!!
I never thought I could love a book just based on a series introduction.It was a fun and sweet read that got me hooked right from the start. I never had dull moments. And the scenes just got me heated! This had me aching for more of their story...I was intrigued...interested and a little bit frustrated because I wanted to read the next book as in ASAP! Because holy guacamole...this is more than just that sizzling hot scenes...more than just that love at first sight...more than just being the muse...arghhh... that's what I'm dying to know..
Really I can't wait for the continuation of their story. Like seriously this lines just got me.

"I see the demons in your eyes and I want to dance Can’t stop the beat I hear from one haunted glance Take my hand, baby, don’t let go I’ll set you free, baby, won’t let go All night/ One song This room/ My home I’ll set you free, baby, don’t let go Tonight/ Just give me tonight"

R.C Martin you really had a way with introduction! This book is worthy of an ENCORE!!!

I hear Henley and Carter before I even make it to the front door. I let myself in without knocking and see the two of them running around, their little bare feet clapping against the hardwood floor as they squeal with excitement. I can’t tell if Maestro is chasing them or if they’re chasing Maestro, but they all look happy. They don’t even notice me as I walk inside and find my way to the kitchen. Pepper is standing with her back to me, leaning against the counter as she watches them.
“You really should get them a dog,” I tell her before pressing a kiss on top of her head.
She jumps and then turns around to smack me playfully in the middle of my chest. “God, Sage, don’t sneak up on me like that!” She wraps her arms around me and I return her embrace before she pulls away. “And no. They don’t need a dog. They have Maestro.”
“Maestro is my dog,” I say with a chuckle, looking over at my black, french bulldog as he slides across the floor.
“And therein lies the beauty. He visits, they play, and then you take him home and take care of him. The last thing I need is someone else to take care of.”
“Can’t argue with you there.” It’s then that Maestro hears my voice. His head pops up and he barks once before he comes racing toward me. Henley and Carter follow and then catch on to who he’s after when they see me.
“Uncle Sage!” cries Henley.
“Unka Sage!” mimics Carter. At two, he’s still struggling to get his l’s out. Even I have to admit, it’s pretty damn cute.
I drop to my knees to greet all three of them. “Hey, guys, what’s happenin’?”
Henley speaks first, giving me the rundown of just about everything that his four-year-old brain can remember since I last saw him yesterday afternoon. I pet Maestro absentmindedly as I listen. It’s not hard to admit, my nephews are a couple of my favorite people.
“Where’s Sophia?” I ask them.
Carter’s eyes grow big  as he brings a finger to his mouth and shushes me. “Aunt Wose has Sophia.”
Pepper chuckles from behind me and I look up at her with a grin. “She’s in the living room. Good luck prying Sophia away from her.”
I give her my best oh, please expression as I stand and head into the next room. Pepper has done a damn fine job of making their house extra homey, and the living room is everyone’s favorite place to chill. Rosy is being swallowed by one of their big, over-stuffed, brown armchairs. She’s got a textbook open in her lap and Sophia is nestled in her arms. Guessing by the small smile that lights her face, I’d say she’s not getting very much studying done. She looks up when she hears me approach.
“Hey, big bro. When did you get here?” she asks before puckering her lips.
I lean down and she kisses my cheek. “Just got here,” I murmur, admiring my niece. She’s sleeping, as if she knows the raucous her brothers are making is her reality and there’s nothing she can do about it.  Rosy sniffs and I jerk my head back to look at her.
“You smell like a bar. And sex. And—” She sniffs once more. “Vanilla.”
“How the fuck do you know what sex smells like?” I ask, scowling at her.
She returns my scowl with one of her own before she smacks her little hand against the top of my head. “Language, Sage!”
“Answer my question, Rosemary.”
She rolls her eyes, which makes me think of Millie, and then she speaks. “I’ve smelled it on you and the guys enough to know, dummy.”
I look into her eyes for a moment, searching for the reassurance that that’s the only reason she knows. I nod when I’m sure she’s telling the truth.
“You’re such a hypocrite.”
“Wrong. I’m the guy any douche has to get through before he’s allowed between my sister’s legs.”
She groans, lifting Sophia away from her and towards me. “You’re the biggest pain in my a-s-s. Here. Take your niece.” Before I can reach for her, Rosy changes her mind, hugs Sophia close, kisses her cheek, and whispers, “You’re so screwed, baby girl. With your dad, and your brothers, and your uncle—you’ll never get laid. Don’t worry, though. You’ve got me, too.” She kisses Sophia’s soft, chubby cheek once more. “And ignore the smell. Uncle Sage is the best, I promise.”
I playfully rub my knuckles against the top of Rosy’s head  and she ducks away from me before I gently scoop Sophia into my arms and make my way to the couch. Pepper catches my eye as she enters the room and shakes her head in disbelief. I chuckle, amused that she’s surprised.
The three of us are pretty close, always have been. Granted, it didn’t always look that way, what with all our bickering and arguing growing up, but we wouldn’t trade each other for anything. That said, Rosy and I have always been really tight. Besides the fact that we’re closer in age, Pepper was out of the house and married by the time I was sixteen. Pep is the sensible, wise, motherly one—she’s our rock; but Rosy is my best friend, and I hers.
That is, when I’m not trying to keep guys out of her pants.
It’s a fucking hard job to do, but someone’s got to do it.
“So, who was the unlucky lady who had the misfortune of waking up after being ditched by the likes of you?” Rosy asks as I stretch out on the couch with Sophia.
I let out a long sigh, gazing down at the sweet little girl bundled in pink against my chest, and then mentally replay my morning. I remember the way it felt to hold Millie in my arms; how she wrapped herself around me when I kissed her; the sound of my name on her lips…
I’m yanked from my thoughts when I look down and see Pepper pulling my shoes from my feet. “I can only imagine where these things have been; they do not need to be on my couch,” she tells me before she sits and drops my feet into her lap. “Also, judging by the look on your face, Rosemary’s question requires an answer. What groupie has your head so foggy the afternoon after?”
Not a groupie, sis. Not even close.” I free another sigh, propping my head against the back of the couch. “God—she was amazing. I have to see her again.”
“What?” gasps Rosy, tossing her textbook onto the floor as she curls her legs up underneath her. “Now I’ve got to know! What’s her name? What does she look like? Did you get her number? Are you going to call her? You hardly ever call!” She gasps again, cutting me off before I can even utter a single syllable. “Is she why you didn’t answer Pepper’s call? Were you still with her when you told Pep you were busy? Is that why you still smell like last night in the middle of the afternoon?”
Jesus, Rosy—take a breath!”
Pepper pinches my ankle and I jerk my foot out of reach with a frown. “Language,” she mutters.
“Sorry,” I grumble.
“Do you not remember how long it took me to get Henley to stop saying s-h-i-t every other minute? That was totally your fault.”
I chuckle and she smacks my leg. “Alright, alright, stop with the abuse.”
“Stop stalling!” Rosy insists. “I want to know about this girl. She came to your show, right? Is she going to be at the next one? Can I meet her?”
I sit silently as I stare at her, a blank expression on my face, waiting for her to stop. “Are you done?” She gestures with her hand that she’s zipping her mouth closed, and I wait another second before I continue. “Her name is Millicent.”
I'm a born and bred Coloradan. While I now reside in Virginia, the land of the Rocky Mountains is where I've left a piece of my heart and where my characters come to life. When I'm not writing I'm reading; when I'm not reading I'm writing...you know how it goes! I also enjoy cooking, baking, crocheting, and jigsaw puzzles. Basically, I'm an old soul with a young heart, nonchalantly waiting for my prince to come.


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