Release: Detention Land:Lip Service by Susan Orion

April 4, 2017

Title: Detention Land: Lip Service

Author: Susan Orion

Genre: YA Psychological Thriller/Coming of Age


Roger is on the verge of a mental breakdown. Unable to fit in at school or at home, Roger lands in detention indefinitely, where the only human interaction he has is with the voice of a mysterious woman who hides behind the wall. She pokes and prods the teen with questions, accusations, and blame, provoking him to deal with the darkness inside and around him.

As the story progresses, so do Roger's transgressions, from drawing his teacher in lewd acts to hiring a gang to chain up his best friend. Struggling to distinguish fact from fiction, Roger's anxiety and depression spiral out of control. He unravels just as the detention room falls apart, piece by piece. As the bricks fall, the wall is exposed, uncovering the identity of the mysterious woman.

 Inspired by bizarre true events, Detention Land is a beautifully written novel that seamlessly weaves humour, suspense, and observations on life.

Tag Line:

This ain't no ordinary school.

Four walls, two voices, one chance. 

Who is the woman behind the wall? 

Solve the puzzle. Save the boy. 

This is Detention Land.

-- Teacher, PhD candidate, draws inspiration from her years of teaching and research
A leading cause of death for 15-29 year olds is suicide — second only to car accidents – according to the World Health Organization. How can parents and teachers know if young adults are depressed, and what can they do to help?

A teacher for more than 9 years, Susan Orion tackles some of these topics in her new YA novel, Detention Land: Lip Service (BookBaby, April 4, 2017). A psychological thriller, the book takes readers into the secret world of teen psychology.

In Detention Land, Roger is on the verge of a mental breakdown. Trapped in a room of clever lies, unlikely confessions, and a whole lotta lip, the only way to escape is by uncovering the truth about himself and those around him.

With access to the private journals of a disturbed teen genius, the reader experiences the detention room unravel, brick by brick, piece by piece. Can Roger solve the puzzle of life before it’s too late? Inspired by bizarre true events, Detention Land is a masterfully written novel that seamlessly weaves humor, suspense, and observations on life.

Orion is an award-winning university instructor and former schoolteacher. She has taught ages from 3 to 30 across subjects and disciplines. Currently, a candidate for a PhD in curriculum studies, Susan is comfortable speaking to any topic relating to education, literacy and mental health including:

The psychology of bullying and suicide
Tips to help teens with anxiety at school
Signs your child or student is depressed
Five ways to get your teen to read a book
The school’s role in improving mental health
Teen isolation in the digital age
And much more!

Orion drew inspiration from her students, but also from her own experiences of being bullied. “As a teacher I wanted to share stories that I experienced, both as a student, and with my students,” says Orion. “I experienced a lot of stories that should be told, but weren’t and I hope to tell some of them through my book.” What makes her books so enjoyable is the playfulness and humour she uses to tackle these important and sensitive issues.

About the Author
SUSAN ORION wants you to smile, laugh, and keep guessing at what will happen next. So she writes stories about the quirky and colorful people she has met as a student and as a teacher. She has a master’s in educational psychology and is a PhD candidate in curriculum studies. She is a native of London, Ontario.
Learn more at and connect with Susan on Twitter and Instagram.
Detention Land: Lip Service is currently available on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, GoodReads and all major online book retailers.

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