Release Day + Book Review : The Fantasy Effect by Paige Fieldsted

April 10, 2017

“There is a reason they’re called fantasies; they don’t belong in the real world. They should stay tucked safely away in the corners of your imagination, where they are bright and shiny illusions of what could be.”

Everything was perfect. My marriage was amazing, Quinn was amazing, our sex life was amazing. I had the job of my dreams and a relationship most people only dream about. I had it all and didn’t even realize it.

Then there was Carson with his blonde hair and blue eyes, and a cocky smile I couldn’t get out of my head. He was the star of all my dirtiest fantasies, a forbidden temptation I couldn’t have. Or could I?

I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I could have my cake and eat it too. I was wrong and now everything is falling apart.
I brought my fantasy to life and unveiled a secret I wasn’t prepared for. Now my reality is crashing down around me and I don’t know how to stop it.

I had it all but wanted more; now I might be left with nothing.

***This novel contains explicit sexual content and is not suitable for children under the age of 18.


Warning : Not safe. The blurb says it all and then more...

Before anything else, just fucking please give me this moment to rant because up until now I cannot take this book out of my system.

Dearest Paige,

"FUCK YOU ! SIDEWAYS!!! HARD! TAKE THAT!!!" Oh Woman, take that because you just gave me a book hangover I never thought would happen. And it's your first full-length novel? Are you fucking kidding me? 

K, bye., 


I wont definitely ask an apology for what I have written above because trust me, it's really more of a compliment than an insult. Because you know why? The Fantasy Effect by Paige Fieldsted took me by surprise. I was in awe by this author's writing style and to be honest she more than engaged me with this book. The blurb caught my interest, there's no doubt with that. It's my kind of trope and honestly it screams "READ ME". And you know what's more? It evoked plenty of emotions in me, my sanity is in trouble. Gahd! This book is perfectly/.imperfectly crazily good I was cursing Paige the whole time and even ranting and cursing some more to my blog sister.*And I'm drained!

Ugh! I really do not know how to put my emotions into writing this review without spoiling you because honestly, that's the least I will do. I am glad I could post this and will be even happier if you experienced it and read blind like me. Because hell, my experience? I read this book like a lunatic. I feel like I was on crack so high with the story because as I said it really was engaging. First few pages and I was hooked. Man! Paige could knock it off just a few chapters in. With a sexual tension so thick you can't cut it with a knife and a hot scene you needed more than a cold shower, I was dead! I was hot and bothered reading it, I'm a perv I admit but holee-shit Paige' sex scenes is scorching to the nth level!

Then the characters... first and foremost, I will totally be honest. Quinn and Carson, I don't have any problem with them. In fact I have a strong connection to them both. When they were introduced, I was so elated. I got so excited I can't explain. I love them. I love the complications. But then, Chloe, now she's a different story. I do not know if I will love or hate the heroine! She annoyed me at some point that eventually leads me to wanting to strangle her and throat-punch her at the same time. She's sick as fuck but because she's just being real, I understand and accepted her good and ugly sides. So where did it leave me? Off to loving her and reading some more! I am a glutton for punishment and her character and actions fueled me to keep on turning the pages looking for answers, anxious what will happen next and at the same time so bothered because...HOT! But you know what else is the reason why even in her ugliest, baddest decision, I am rooting for her? More than anybody else, I guess she needed to really find her true self.

Overall I could say the book is great. I admit it's not the off the charts book I have ever read with this kind of trope. It's quite simple with complicated issues yet you can easily get in and enjoy. In fact it's even exact-ish same thing, "can you love two person at the same time", the issues that comes with it, but then this book has more.I admit I cried fat ugly tears because it's really heart breaking and to be honest it struck right through me. I hated the idea of cheating yet I love the angst it brings and it excites me. However though with this book, it was a roller coaster ride. It was different yet still tested my patience and sanity. Gahd! reading this had me nuts, cursing and yelling. 

That ending, ahhh.. I do not know what to say. This is the reason why I hated yet loved this book so much. I needed more! I was left hanging without a cliffy. I don't want it to end because I want more answers. But then, that's the beauty of books with an ending like this, It will leave an impression that will linger for much a very long time. It will be ingrained in your heart and mind. You will keep thinking and obsessing with it. True, it will! Because right fucking now? I am bewildered. This book... their story is in my system. I can't take it and I meant of savoring it and reliving the moment.

To Paige, thank you for sharing this story with us. I am glad you reached us out and I am happier even that I read it. You made me crazy woman! You even break my heart but know that you got a fan in me. Kudos to you! I salute you for tackling a complicated issue! Your writing style is superb. I love it!

 Paige Fieldsted lives in Utah with her husband, John, son Mason and Willythe pug. She has been writing for as long as she can remember and

eventually pursued a career in journalism before leaving her job as a
reporter for a job in communications, where the hours aren’t as long
and the stress isn’t as high. When she’s not writing or working, Paige
loves watching sports, especially football, cooking, having
impromptu dance parties in the kitchen with her toddler, singing
loudly in the car and reading.

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