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March 4, 2017


Everyone loves Lucky # 7.
He’s the whole package – smart, athletic, and sexy as sin.
A filthy talking bad boy, he can have any woman he wants.

Except me.

A chance encounter. One unforgettable night.
That’s all we could ever have. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves.

Fate has other plans.

If anyone found out, I would lose my job.
He could lose his scholarship.
Some things are worth the risk.

Sometimes, you have to cross your fingers,
Roll the dice, and hope lady luck is on your side.

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Carina Adams, where have you been all my life? This story! These characters! The banter! The sex! I loved it all! I am seriously kicking myself, because this is the first book I have ever read by this author. Why book friends? Why were you guys holding out me?! I am so glad that I finally discovered her, and this awesome story! (No thanks to my “friends.”)

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Lucien Chance a.k.a. Lucky, a local college football star, is at work when a beautiful blonde catches his eye. Sunny is looking to have one night of fun before she starts over with a new job and a new life. As the evening progresses, Lucky begins to look more and more like the good time she wants to have. Before long, she is agreeing to go back to his place where they spend the entire night having the most amazing sex of their lives. One night is all it was supposed to be, but when it’s over, they can’t stop thinking about each other.
Since Lucky neglected to get Sunny’s phone number, he hopes to run into her at the bar where he works again so they can go for round two. Unfortunately for him, that never happens. Instead, he finds her in the most surprising place imaginable…his Org Behavior class. It turns out that Sunny is actually Emerson Bernard, his new professor.

Lucky is pretty sure banging his teacher will be frowned upon by the university, and Sunny concurs, so they agree to one last hurrah. As you can probably guess, that wasn’t enough for them. Meeting in secret at each other’s apartment becomes a regular occurrence. Lucky and Sunny can’t keep their hands off of each other. Soon, it’s obvious that their connection goes beyond just a physical attraction, but continuing on with their relationship could be detrimental to them both. He could have his scholarship revoked and be kicked off the team while Emerson could lose her job. There is no denying their growing feelings, but is that enough to risk it all?

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Lucky was such a pleasant surprise! It completely exceeded my expectations. The writing is addictive and engaging. I never wanted to put the book down! The romance is sweet, forbidden, and HOT! Those sex scenes are no joke! All I can say is, I think the author has a lot of fun in her personal life. ;) That being said, I didn’t just love the steamy scenes between Lucky and Sunny. I enjoyed all of the moments they spent together. In fact, the times when they opened up to one another, teased each other, went to visit his family, and just hung out were the times I felt their connection the most. 

Lucky! That man had me swooning all over the place. He is pretty fantastic, and if Sunny didn’t want him, I would gladly take him off her hands! Usually, the football player in romance novels is always a manwhore that only finally settles down when he meets the heroine. That is not the case here. Lucky is a one woman man. He is thoughtful, protective, generous, a monster in the bedroom, and an incredible athlete. What I loved most about him was his spectacularly filthy mouth. If dirty talkers are your thing, read this one asap! The cool thing is that in this story, it’s not just the hero that has a dirty mouth. Sunny could make a biker blush with her colorful commentary, and I floved her for it! She is a sarcastic, sassy, smart, strong woman, in other words, everything I want in a heroine.

Why not five stars? I would have liked a little more about what happened to Lucky and his family. It was talked about a lot, but not enough details were given for my liking. Other than that, I adored everything about this book!

All in all, Lucky is a phenomenal forbidden romance that will make you smile, blush, fan yourself a time or two, and tear up when you least suspect it. I recommend this to fans of sports romance and forbidden romance. Hell, if you enjoy romantic books period, read it! This is a good one people! Don’t say I never told you! Now, go add it to your tbr! Buy it! Read it! You won’t be sorry!

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Carina Adams has been writing and creating characters for as long as she can remember, allowing her to fall in love with the next man of her dreams with every new story.

Thankfully, fate stepped in and granted her the ultimate wish - a life full of men. Carina lives in a picturesque New England town with her husband, the man who ruined the thought of all others, and two amazing sons who always keep her on her toes.

Carina received her MBA in May, but would much rather play with her imaginary friends (the voices in her head) than work her 8 to 5. When she isn’t trying to juggle being a working mom with karate and football practices, surprising her children with her sci-fi movie knowledge, or writing, you can find her with her nose pressed against her kindle, laughing with friends, or living life vicariously as her Derby Girl persona, Writers Block. 

Carina is the author the of Bastards MC series and best selling Forever Red. She is currently writing Out of The Blue, the follow up to Forever Red. She loves to hear feedback from her readers, no matter what type. You can email her at:

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