December 29, 2015

1)What's the last book you read?
The Mating by Nicky Charles...It’s like the 8th or 9th time I’ve read it ;)

2)Who's your celebrity crush?
Tom Hiddleston he plays Loki in The Avengers. <3 him!!!

3)What's your favorite book?
Little House On The Prairie

4)Do you plan or go with the flow when it comes to writing?
I just let it flow. I know not to force it and just let come as it pleases.

5)What inspired you to write the Skipping Stones Series?
Nothing actually. I just sat down and made it up and wrote it.

6)Which book was hardest to write, Emily or Unexpected?
Emily. I think because it was all her POV and I kept wanting to write from other POV’s but knew it would give away the ending if i did. It took me 7mnths to write Emily and 4mnths to write Unexpected.

7)Tease us! What are you currently working on? What can readers expect from your next book and/or future works?
Haha...Believe it or not I’m writing a total of 5 books right now. ‘Welcome to Brokenville’ which is a mix between Alice In Wonderland and Nightmare Before Christmas. Then ‘I wish…’ that one is bit hard to explain as it’s still forming. They’ll both be coming out in 2016. And then I have a 3 book series that I’ve been working on for awhile now. It started out as 1 book but as I wrote it and finished Nothing Ever Lasts and Unexpected, I seen that Trace and Calvin would end up with their own books as well. And their stories intertwine with the 3rd book. But I won’t release them until all 3 are finished and ready to go.

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