Top Reads of 2021

January 7, 2022

2021 was supposed to be our year, and while it may not have turned out the way we all hoped it would, it still gifted us with plenty of amazing books that helped us make it through! 

I don't know about you guys, but I've never been as grateful for the books I read and the authors that write them as I have been these past two years. 

How these brilliant writers keep delivering us incredible stories even in the midst of this awful pandemic while dealing with their own worries and stresses, I'll never know! 

I'm just grateful they are. 

This post is a celebration of those phenomenal individuals that helped drag our asses through last year laughing, crying, falling in love, and fucking our minds the whole way through!


The Society Trilogy 

A. Zavarelli &

Natasha Knight

Dark Captive Romance
Beauty and the Beast Vibes, 
Secret Society, 
Spice, & Suspense

Kingmakers Series 
Sophie Lark

My 2021 NA Mafia Obsession 
Favorite New to Me Author
Unique Storytelling Style
Amazing Cast
Perfect Soundtrack
Incredible Finale

Chained Hearts Duet

T.L. Smith

Captive Romance 

 Alphahole Antihero 

Fiesty Heroine 

Deception, Betrayal, 

Mafia Drama

Kingdom Fall

A. Zavarelli 

Secret Society, Steam, 
Surprises & Suspense 
Nanny/Boss Romance
More than Meets the Eye
Favorite Mafia Standalone 

North of the Stars
In Love and War #1
Monica James

Infuriating & Violent 
Dark Viking Romance Perfection 
Heartbreak, Betrayal, 
& a Possible Love Triangle 

Malibu Rising
Taylor Jenkins Reid

Set in the 80's
Sun, Surf, a Cliffside Mansion,
Emotional, Heartwrenching,  
Family Drama
One Night, One Party, 
& One Big Ass Fire

The Boy on the Bridge
Sam Mariano 

Angsty, Unconventional,
Messy, Steamy, 
Emotional, & Passionate 
Second Chance Romance

Start A Fire
The Savage Crew
J. Wolf

Passionate Artists
Angsty Teenage Love

Tryst Six Venom 
Penelope Douglas 

FF Romance
Opposites Attract
Enemies to Lovers
Best Blood Related Brood

A.L. Woods

Dark, Emotional, Raw,
Realistic Romance
Filled with
Trauma, Tragedy, 
& Painful Decisions 

Say I'm the One
All of Me Duet
Siobhan Davis

Captivating, Surprising, 
Angsty, Romantic, 
Absolutely Fucking Heart-wrenching,
  Masterfully Written,
Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

Stella Rhys

Stepbrother Romance
Drama, Angst,
& A Whole Lot of Steam

Torment: Part 1
The Bleeding Hearts #1
Dylan Page

Dark, MC, Stepbrother Romance
Brilliant Storytelling
Toxic Relationships
Psychotic "Hero"
Twisted, Intense, 
Insanely Frustrating, 
Captivating, Emotional,
Standout Debut 

Don't Kiss the Bride
Carian Cole

Age Gap
Marriage of Convenience 
Mutual Longing
Emotional Turmoil
Incredible Writing
Breathtaking Romance

Still Beating
Jennifer Hartmann 

Gripping, Emotional, 
Angsty, Complicated
& Absolutely Beautiful

I'm a Creep
Jaimie Roberts 

Animal Kingdom Level Wild
MF with FF Scenes
Dark, Dirty, & Depraved Age Gap
Batshit Crazy FMC 
Stepfather MMC
Violence, Murder,
& an All Around Good Time

Lost in the Affair 
E.K. Blair

Addictive, Intense,
 Enthralling, Emotional,
Anger Inducing,
Shocking, Scandalous, 
Cheating Romance/
Train Wreck 
Based on True Story


Gothic Romance 
Dark Academia 
Spine-tingling, Atmospheric, 
Sexy, Macabre, 
 Spooky Smorgasbord 
of Preternatural Activity 
Or Madness

Twist & Dismount 
Off Balance #4 & #5
Lucia Franco 

Age Gap, Sports Romance
 Cheating, Scorching Hot Sex, 
Gymnastics, Passion, 
Drama, Heart Shredding,
Gut-wrenching Emotion,
Maddening Frustration,
& Spectacular Writing 
An Angst Whore's Wet Dream
Favorite Taboo Romance Series of All Time

Beneath the Stars 

Emily McIntire 

Best Friend's Brother
Sister's Best Friend
Second Chance Romance
Emotional, Angsty,
& Beautiful 

Kristy Marie

Angsty, Emotional,
Childhood Best Friends to Lovers,
Second Gen Romance 
I Fucking Cried, Okay?

The Closer
Kristy Marie

Marriage of Convenience
Swoonworthy, Baseball Player Hero,
Quirky Heroine, 
a Wrench, a Plant,
and an Epic Grandpa 

Evidence of the Affair 
Taylor Jenkins Reid 

Most Memorable Novella
Set in the 70's
Told in Letter Format
I Gasped Out Loud
at the Plot Twist

Forever Ago 
J Rose

Gritty, Raw, Realistic, 
Agonizing, Devastating, 
Beautiful, Tragic 
Love Story

Ecstasy #2
K.V. Rose

Toxic, Twisted,
Intriguing, Disturbing,
Kinky & Melancholy

The Silent Patient 
Alex Michael ides

Mindfucking Masterpiece 
Favorite Thriller of the Year

Crimes of Cupidity &
 For the Love of Cupidity 
Heart Hassle #3 & #3.5
Raven Kennedy 

Creative, Original, 
& Laugh Out Loud
Paranormal Fantasy 
Hilarious Heroine
Hot Harem of Alphas
Fantastic Fantasy World
Spectacular Secondary Characters

Queen of Quarantine 
Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep 
Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti 

Favorite Contemporary NA RH Series
Favorite Contemporary NA Harem
Five Star Finale
Must Read for Bully Romance Fans

The Royals of Forsyth University 
#1- #3
Angel Lawson &
Samantha Rue

Dark & Dirty New Adult
Stepbrother Taboo
Filthy Fraternity 
Suspense, Shocking Twists, 
& Cum Galore 
Epic Ending 
Favorite New Contemporary NA RH

Spiteful Punks & Vicious Punks
Dolls and Douchebags #1 & #2
Madeline Fay

Dark & Twisted
Poly Romance
Brutal Violence, Torture,
Heartbreaking Trauma,
Suspense, Steam,
& A Stuffed Unicorn

Broken Bonds, Savage Bonds, 
& Blood Bonds
The Bonds that Tie #1-#3
J. Bree

Favorite New Series of the Year
Slowburn Paranormal 
Powerful Heroine 
Badass Alpha Harem 
Shadow Creatures 
Supernatural Powers
Possessive Bonds
Action, Suspense,
Intrigue, & Secrets

The Death Club
Dead Men Walking #1
Caroline Peckham & Suzanne Valenti 

All Aboard the Crazy Train
2 Psychotic Captives,
an Equally Psychotic Hitman,
A Basement,
& Some Really Fucking 
Good Chocolate Cereal

Warrior Fae
Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac #5
Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti 

Favorite RH Series of All Time
Favorite Harem of All Time
Epic Bromance
Phenomenal Relationship/
Character Development 
Favorite RH Authors
Fantastic Finale 

The Reckoning 
Zodiac Academy #3
Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti 

Supernatural Badasses
Student Teacher Taboo
Love Triangle 
Magical Academy 
Twin Heroines
Twice the Romance, 
Angst, Steam, and Heartbreak

Ice Planet Barbarians 
Ice Planet Barbarians #1
Ruby Dixon

Biggest Surprise Favorite 
Blue Aliens
Human Women
Cold Planet 
Language Barrier
Textured Tongues & Cocks
Perfect Plot/Steam Balance

The Savage and the Swan
Ella Fields

Hades and Persephone, 
and The Swan Princess 
Retelling Mashup
Vengeance, Seduction, 
Bloodshed,  Heartache,
Action, Suspense,
& Swoonworthy Romance

Shadow Beast Shifters Series
Jaymin Eve

Original Shifter World
Enough Said

The Plated Prisoners Series
Raven Kennedy 

Unique & Dark
King Midas Retelling
Super Slowburn
Action, Suspense,
& Shocking Plot Twists

War & Famine 
The Four Horsemen #3 & #4
Laura Thalassa 

Dark, Apocalyptic Romance 
Bingeworthy Fantasy Series
Darkness, Desperation, 
Violence, Pain,
Heartache, Humor, 
Hope, & Love

The Crown of Gilded Bones 

Blood and Ash #3

Jennifer L. Armentrout 

My Fantasy Obsession 
Favorite Book of the Year
Badass Heroine
Swoonworthy Hero
Incredible Fantasy World,
Action, Revelations, Love, 
Lust, Violence, Friendship, 
Magic, Mystery, and Murder
Fantasy Romance Fans

A Shadow in the Ember
Flesh and Fire #1
Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Spectacular Spin-Off
Tied for Favorite Book of the Year
Action, Angst, Humor, 
Betrayal, Intense Emotion, Violence, 
Sex, Perfect Pacing, Rich Fantasy World, 
Twists & Turns, Brilliant Writing, 
& Baby. Freaking. Draken.

There Are No Saints
Sinners Duet #1
Sophie Lark

That Revenge Scene Tho!

The Obsession 
Filthy Rich Americans #2
Nikki Sloane

Filthy, Fucked Up Rich People 
Addictive Series Binge

A Love Letter to Whiskey 
Kandi Steiner 

Cheating, Angst &
Beautiful Writing

The Mistakes You Make &
The Deception You Weave
Maddison Kings University 
Nikki Sloane

Drama & Dirty Talk
Highly Bingeable 

Dazed #1
C.M. Radcliff

It's the Drugs & Toxicity for Me

The End 

Did you see any of your favorites on our list? 

Are there any books on your favorites list that you think we need to read?

Did you find any new books for your tbr? 

We would love to know! 

Feel free to tell us in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time! 💋


  1. I freaking cried over Rebellious too! Loved that book so much! ��❤

    1. I love them and their families so much. ❤ My child was actually worried about me! I was a mess! LOL

  2. I have a lot of your picks on my TBR list!!! Awesome list! Here's to another year of great books!

    1. Thank you so much! ❤ I hope you enjoy them when you read them! 💋 Hear, hear! 🥂😂

  3. So... I bookmarked this post lol. I'm going to have to come back to you (as always) to find out which ones I shouldn't read. But these all look so good. I can only hope 2022 is even better for y'all. Love you guys so much and I hope to see more of you this year!! ❤❤

    1. 😂 I'm here when you need me! We hope it's better for you too, babe! Love you the most! ❤💋