INTERVIEW: Author RC Martin

June 16, 2015

A) Do you believe yourself to be an outgoing or shy person?
At first, I'm shy.
B) What do you prefer, salty snacks or sweet treats?
Mmmm....sw--no, wait salt--I mean...sweet?
C) What do you prefer, TV shows or movies?
Movies, I think. (These questions are hard!)
D) What's your favorite OTP? (OTP:A couple you ship and love together)
Seriously? No idea. Elizabeth and Darcy?
E) What's your favorite book ?
I don't have a favorite. But let's go with....Warm Bodies. It was beautiful.
F) What's the last book you read?
Big Bad Wolfe by Elle Doolittle
G) What's the most influential book you've ever read?
Haha. Um. The Bible?
1) What inspired you to write "The promises we keep"?
I once had a friend, years ago, who was dating this guy. They decided to take a year apart from each other to decide whether or not getting married was what they really wanted. I thought that was crazy...I also thought it'd make for an interesting story.
2) What's your favourite genre to write and/or read?
Romance is my favorite genre to read. Any kind. (Well, I've yet to try paranormal or any combination of lovers that are not male/female. I'm sure I've got some in my TBR, though.) My favorite genre to write is New Adult Romance.
3) "The promises we keep" is written in four different POVs. Which characters were the easiest and hardest to write?
Avery was definitely the easiest. She's just so stinkin' cute with her endearing innocence. She sees love in this enchanting light and I love that about her; so it was easy to slip into her shoes and go.
On the other hand (and, mind you, I've written two novels since TPWK so I'm pretty certain this answer is correct...) Beckham was probably the hardest. He's the character that had the most growing to do. I had to handle him so carefully and the timing of his development was everything.
4) What are you currently working on? What can readers expect from your next book and/or future works?
I'm currently working on polishing book two in the series, titled Reckless Surrender. I want to have my ARCs ready by July! The Made for Love series is going to consist of five books; at least I think...unless more characters decide they have a story that needs to be told. As far as what you can expect, know that I will always tell THEIR stories. That's it. That's how I do it. I don't think you can expect the same from Reckless Surrender as you get in The Promises We Keep because the characters are so different from each other. So--yeah, expect different and new adventures in love.
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