Release Blitz with Review: You Keep Breaking Us by Carrie Aarons

March 11, 2022


You Keep Breaking Us by Carrie Aarons is live!

We were the ultimate example of that couple who can't live with each other, but can't seem to function without each other.

The minute I met Callum Strass at fifteen, I was a goner. We were the golden couple of our high school. The king and queen of prom, the sweethearts voted most likely to get married and have babies, and the absolute idiots who decided to attend the same college.

Because that's when it all fell apart. The naïve, puppy love versions of ourselves couldn't see the obvious cracks we'd had back in our hometown. But they sure revealed themselves when we started living in an off-campus house together with four of our other friends.

Within a semester, blow-out fights, jealousy, every-other-week breakups, and my abandonment issues had him bowing out. Not just on me, but on the house, too. Until our senior year, when his parents refuse to keep paying rent on two places.

So he moves back in, and I'm forced to live with my ex. The one who has ruined all other men for me. The one I still cry myself to sleep at night thinking about. The one who confesses, during a run-in in a dark hallway, that he hates how much he still loves me.

And when he starts dating again, he might as well plunge a knife straight through my heart. Despite our breakup, I'm on the verge of losing him for real this time, and possibly forever. The only option is to seek help for my deep-seated trauma, the thing that Callum always encouraged me to see someone about. The thing that eventually pushed him away.

Put two of the most driven, headstrong, and passionate people in any relationship and it's bound to combust. We've always had that twin flame kind of love.

So, together we might burn. But we also might heal.

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From the moment you look at the cover for this book, one word pops up into your head. Heartbreak. Not that little pain where at the end of the day, you’re feeling ok about everything. No, this is the kind of heartbreak that is gut wrenching and soul crushing where it feels like your emotions are on fire 24/7. That is the feeling that I got when I looked at this book but sadly, that’s not what I felt when I read it.


You Keep Breaking Us is the story of long time lovers Bevan and Callum who have broken up and are trying to navigate their College Senior year without each other. But with a tight knit group of friends and Callum moving back in to their house, avoiding each other is going to be mission impossible. They've hurt each other in the past and sometimes some wounds can't be healed.


Now that they’re around each other full time now, Callum and Bevan are finding it difficult to move on from their past and each other. But when tensions arise and more blame is thrown around, can this couple finally make their way back to each other?

As I’ve said earlier, I was really expecting to be hit with all the feels and sadly that never happened for me. I didn't feel the passion, the anger or the betrayal for anything and if i'm being completely honest, the only thing that I felt was frustration. I needed Bevan to calm the f*ck down sometimes and I really wanted to smack Callum for his idiocy.

Even though I didn't love this one as much as I thought I would, it was still and ok read for me.

Meet Carrie Aarons

Author of romance novels such as Fool Me Twice and Love at First Fight, Carrie Aarons writes books that are just as swoon-worthy as they are sarcastic. A former journalist, she prefers the love stories of her imagination, and the athleisure dress code, much better.

When she isn't writing, Carrie is busy binging reality TV, having a love/hate relationship with cardio, and trying not to burn dinner. She lives in the suburbs of New Jersey with her husband, two children and ninety-pound rescue pup.
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  1. And that will be a skip for me. Too bad it didn't give you all the feels, Sonya :(
    Great honest review! 🌺