Release Blitz with Review: The Truth Pact by C.M Albert

April 8, 2021


The Truth Pact by C.M. Albert is now live!

They say the truth shall set you free.
They never tell you the cost.

Ryan Wells

Olivia North was everything I always wanted. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew nothing would stop me from having her. Not even being her professor. In the end, I got her. Got the white picket fence and historic home, too. But nothing could replace the babies we lost before they were ever born, or the sleepless nights that followed.

We made a pact once, in those early days of grief. We would always put each other first and be honest about everything. Because the only way through our mourning would be together. Until it wasn't. When our last baby was stillborn, I was afraid I'd lose Olivia forever. The vibrant woman I'd married was slipping away under the weight of her unbearable pain. So, when Brighton Kerrington moves in next door to renovate his uncle's property, and I see light return to those haunted blue eyes, what do I do? The one thing that could cost me my entire world.

I'd do anything to see Liv happy again--even if it means ripping my own heart in two to sew hers back together again. But when pleasure replaces pain, the truth exposes more than we bargained for. What was meant to bind us together in love might be the very thing that tears us apart.

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I said this book was going to hurt and you know what? I was right!!! My heart is obliterated right now. There's a pain in my chest that feels like it won't ever go away and I'm feeling all of these emotions at a high warped speed right now. This pain, this dread, this anger, this loss, the what if’s and the why’s are just circling around in my head right now and I have no clue what to do with that.


Ryan and Olivia Wells have the kind of love and marriage that most people would dream about having. They honor and respect their vows, they have this all consuming love and the one thing that they pride themselves on when it comes to their relationship, is always telling each other the truth whether it’s good or bad. Having gone through a few tragedies that not only tested their marriage but has broken their hearts as well, Ryan and Olivia are desperately trying to get back to a place of happiness. But sometimes happiness comes at a price and for this couple, they’re about to find out just how much.


I can't even articulate just how much this book made me feel and quite frankly, I was a hot mess. One minute I was loving everything and falling for these characters so hard and the next, I was literally begging someone to put me out of this emotional misery!! Certain things were too much for me and I felt like I was on this rollercoaster ride that couldn't stop. This love story hurt, their healing process nearly killed me, but the unconditional love and devotion that these two had for each other, is what kept me rooting for them.

This is NOT your ordinary emotional love story and you have to go in knowing that otherwise your heart will take a serious beating. This author delves into the depths of loss and grief in such a way that you have no other choice but to feel it and we saw how each character felt. You will feel helpless at times, angry, saddened, have tears of joy and feel betrayal all in the space of a few hours.

As much as I really loved this book and believe me I don't say that often, my heart is dreading to read the next one. I’m scared shitless of what’s going to happen in book two and I don't think my heart can take it!!

Warning: this book contain triggers and may not be suitable for everyone.

Meet C.M. Albert

USA Today bestselling author C.M. Albert writes heartwarming romances that are "sexy and flirty, sweet and dirty!" Her writing infuses a healthy blend of humor, high-heat romance, and most of all--hope. When not writing, or kid-wrangling with her handsome hubby, she's either meditating, kayaking, reading, hugging a tree, or asleep. But first, coffee. #TonyStarkForever 
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