Release with review: Senior Year Bucket List by J. M. Miller

July 29, 2019

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  Senior Year Bucket List
Genre – New Adult Rom-Com 
  Cover Photo – Artist Regina Wamba 
  Cover Design - Qdesign Amy Queau


Caleb Samuels.
Smug. Irritating. Pain in the …
After high school, I was content with the idea of never seeing him again.
But as his sister Merilyn’s best friend, it was bound to happen eventually. I just didn’t expect it to be at her wake, where, following a foolish, naive, and completely ridiculous incident, I’m prepared to return to my completely routine life and wash my hands of him forever. Again.
Unfortunately, Merilyn had other plans.
Even though she traveled the world, her final request is for Caleb and me to recreate our senior year bucket list and take her ashes along for one last adventure.
All the foolish, naive, and, you guessed it, completely ridiculous memories return in an instant.
He tormented me, teased me, kissed me like no one ever had, made me fall for him, and broke me like no one else ever would.
Reliving it all might end with a crash worse than the first.
Or maybe not.
Maybe the fall would never end.

Senior Year Bucket List, a standalone by J. M. Miller, tells the story of Celia and Caleb and their relationship before and after the death of her best friend and his sister, Merilyn. Despite the fact that they were pretty much exact opposites, Celia and Mer were inseparable in high school. Caleb had a crush on Celia, and he teased and tormented her because of it. 

Senior year, they created a bucket list to push themselves to do a myriad of adventurous things before leaving for college. Caleb joined in on the fun, but when Mer asked him to be her first and he never showed, that was the last time they ever spoke to one another. Until, Mer dies unexpectedly, and her wishes bring them back together for one last adventure. 

Senior Year Bucket List is cute, sweet, and full of adventure with a healthy dose of steam. Celia and Caleb are likable characters that you'll be rooting for from the beginning. There is a kind of melancholy feel to the first half of the book (Mer did die and all. 🤷🏻‍♀️), but overall, it is a light, new adult romance with minimal conflict and angst. I have to be honest and say that it was not at all the type of book I was in the mood for or usually read. Nevertheless, I wound up enjoying it which says a lot. 

I teared up in a couple of places. I laughed. I hurt for the characters, and I appreciated the sex scenes being a bit steamer than I thought they would be for this type of book. That bonus epilogue was the shortest one I have ever read, and it made me laugh out loud. Perfect ending! 

If you enjoy cute, second chance romances with a sweet hero, this one's for you!

SYBL teaser

I blinked longer than necessary, knowing I should have looked away entirely. The memory of how her lips had felt on mine not even a week ago seemed to hold me hostage, though. A copious amount of whiskey may have been coursing through every part of me that day, blurring my very existence and creating a haze of chatter inside my head—spoken words of sympathy and mourning from others as well as thoughts of anger and agony from myself—but I remembered every f**king thing about her as if she were the rain within, clearing it all away.

J.M. Miller currently resides in Florida's panhandle. When she isn't distracted by social media sites, she writes romance novels that vary in genre from contemporary to fantasy. Aside from spending time with her family, she loves to travel and will jump at the chance to go anywhere, whenever life allows.

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