Blog Tour &Review Title: Lucas – A Preston Brothers Novel by Jay McLean

November 1, 2016


Blog Tour & Review

Title: Lucas – A Preston Brothers Novel

Author: Jay McLean

Release Day: November 1, 2016





In a sprint, every millisecond counts.
When you're waiting for love, those milliseconds can feel like eons.
High school senior Lucas Preston has it all: star of the track team, a scholarship waiting for him, an apartment to himself and a revolving door of girlfriends. He also has an older sister, five younger brothers and a father who relies on him to make sure those brothers don't kill each other.
His saving grace? Lois "Laney" Sanders, a girl he started to fall in like with when he was just eleven.
A girl who became his best friend, his confidant, his courage.
It took only sixteen clicks and eight seconds for Lucas to realize that his like for Laney had turned into love.
Eight life-changing seconds.
It's also the exact length of time it took to lose her.


5.0 " “Clark Kent and  Lois Lane" Stars!!!
Sixteen clicks.
Eight seconds.
That’s how long it took me to realize I’d been in love with her for four years.
Eight, life-changing seconds.
It’s also the exact length of time it took to lose her.
Gah! The feels of this book! Up until now I'm still in awe with Jay Mclean. I couldn't remember a time where  I got disappointed with her works because she really does not disappoint. Instead she'll give you a story so raw yet so real leaving you in a roller coaster of emotions.Luke and Lois journey is not just your ordinary friends to lover's story set in high school, it was more than that and this made me really wonder how amazingly it was written with flawed and unique characters. I must admit, I am scared of reading books with flawed characters in as much as I am interestd reading it. Because admit it too, it took a great effort for this kind of books but this right here with Jay McLean's Lucas is very effortless. It just flowed flawlessly and surprisingly very engaging and to think it is LONG.F*UCKING.BOOK! But in her true fashion, Jay nailed it. I was captivated by the story and I love it wholeheartedly.

The Prologue of the story really heightened my interest wondering what may awaits me and I am very surprise for what I have read. The realness of the story and the emotions evoked is just too much that even I am just few pages after I really took a pause to still my emotions. I really wasn't prepared for it. I should have known because it's Jay Mclean, but no nothing will prepare you with Lucas. I love it so much. From their first meeting that started their friendship to being inseparable and then to something more, I was really in awe how it was portrayed. It really feels like a kid all over again crushing your friend, looking forward to your next meet up and plotting your next move without being awkward, those blushes and simple things that meant so much and of course those stupidness you experience. Yeah it was dreamy and beautiful but make no mistake though, because at an early age their life isn't just about rainbows and unicorns, each both experienced heartbreaking moments that really just made them even closer. So you see, without them having a clue, at an early age they are each other's home.
And I think, ultimately, that’s what true love is, you know? To want to be someone’s hero when they’re faced with villains. To want to be the one who saves them. To be their Wonderwall.”

And when everything falls into place, comes a twist that really twisted my heart, Stomped it and shattered it into millions of pieces. I never expected it and I was never prepared for it. The angst! My God, it was not too much but just enough to make you on the edge and get real crazy with anticipation. Glad I have the Preston Punks and the Mayhem operations that really neutralizes and balances what I felt. But I tell ypu this, I wasn't prepared for it. I wasn't even prepared for the tears that just flowed because tear jerker scenes just pops up here and there and I was like no damn way this book's gonna mess me but I messed up anyway. I was like laughing now, angry after, swooning, fanning and then laughing and then to crying and then go back to laughing again . My God, talk about highschool right?But no, it's a story that speaks so much about friendship, family, life and love not just in a romantic wat but love and life in general. That great feeling you have when you're in love and then you're family is there supporting you and even when you crumble and made mistakes along the way that love never ceases instead grow so much it's overwhelming. That love too that even with bumps here and there, with imperfections, with so much of a time wasted yet keeps getting stronger, yeah that's the kind of love and life that is depicted and portrayed with this story. Because in reality love is really like that and it's perfectly written with this book that everything is just so natural.

And yes, talk about EPIC LOVE because Lucas is just that.

And really it's true...when you love,
Love hard, love fierce, but love right. Be careful with your heart, guard it, and if you feel the need to be reckless, make sure you are the one making that choice. See the world, the good, the bad, the ugly. Learn. Never stop learning. And lastly, take your time, but don’t waste it.

For Lucas and Lois,they just did that and they are always learning.
We need each other. Like air in our lungs. Like life in our blood.




Jay McLean is an international best-selling author and full-time reader, writer of New Adult Romance, and most of all, procrastinator. When she's not doing any of those things, she can be found running after her two little boys, playing house and binge watching Netflix.
She writes what she loves to read, which are books that can make her laugh, make her hurt and make her feel.
Jay lives in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, in a forever half-done home where music is loud and laughter is louder.


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