INTERVIEW: Catrina Courtenay

October 16, 2015

About Catrina

Born and raised in New York, Catrina is a U.S. Veteran, wife, mommy, controller of chaos, domestic engineer and cook. She loves wine, good books, good food and especially anything slathered in Nutella.
Always a storyteller, she enthralled her friend with tales of her wild daydreams involving the latest hot boy band (okay, they weren’t called boy bands back in the 80s. They were called Duran Duran), but she never wrote them down.
She eventually grew up and embarked on a not so exciting career in the military, followed by an exciting career working in IT for a few major U.S. corporations and traveled the world. And instead of meeting in their hometown, she met her husband in Cyberspace while he was in Korea.
Marriage and having a child afforded Catrina more time to read, one of her former passions, and eventually, to begin writing.
With the support of her family, she’s released her first novel, Ultimate Betrayal: Revelations and is working on the follow up – Nightmares.
You can follow Catrina on Twitter @catcourtenay or at Facebook
P.S. She still kinda likes Duran Duran.



A) What do you prefer, TV shows or movies?

TV - I have a short attention span.

B) What's your favorite OTP? (OTP: A couple you ship and love together)

Olivia Pope and Fitz, from Scandal

C) What's the last book you read?

Insidious by Althea Romig

D) Do you plan or go with the flow when it comes to writing?

I plan.


1) How does being an U.S. veteran, then working in IT and traveling the world impacted your writing and the way you see human relationships?

While in the Air Force, I was fortunate enough to work with a lot of different types of people, every color, shape, size, religious persuasion, so I gained an appreciation for people's differnces and most importantly, their similarities. Through my civilian jobs, I learned to deal with some really difficult customers. Those negotiating skills come in handy, when writing dialoge or dealing with toddlers! 
Traveling so much really opened my eyes to how insular Americans can be. I love exploring other cultures and immersing yourself in the ruins of Rome or enjoying a pint in London gives you a different perspective on life. If I had the chance, I would've moved to London in a second. 

2) What inspired you to start writing?

I always had a rich imagination, even as a little kid. I just never wrote anything down. After a few years as a stay at home mom, I started searching for something to give me that sense of accomplishment again - that holding a job outside the home can give. I missed that. Writing filled that need. Even if I never published anything, it was enough to complete a goal. Of course, having a MAJOR crush on Charlie Hunnam didn't hurt. He's actually the muse for Erik Sinclair.

3) What's your favourite genre to write and/or read?

Romantic suspense, or thrillers, along with classic lit and Shakespear. I can go back and read Mario Puzo's The Godfather again and again, same with Pride and Prejudice. I'm starting to like Paranormal romance a bit.

4) Tease us! What are you currently working on? What can readers expect from your next book and/or future works?

I'm working on Ultimate Betrayal: Exposed. It's the second book in the series. It's much steamier than the first book. My main character, Ronnie Harper is finally starting to live again, and she's fallen in love, so their relationship takes off and goes to a whole new level. She's exploring her sexuality, so there are sexual situations between the two main characters, and possibly others. I won't confirm nor deny that there may be a foursome in this book. 
I have a couple of other ideas in the works - one is a step-brother romance, which is woven into a tale of family secrets, old money and murder.

5) We love stalking authors! Where can readers find you? 

You can check out my blog at, or on Twitter @catcourtenay, Instagram - @catcourtenay and of course, on

Ultimate Betrayals: Revelations

It didn’t matter that Veronica Harper spent years in the military and then was trained by the best of the best at the FBI. It didn’t matter that she was skilled in hand-to-hand combat or that she was one of the most sought after bodyguards in the industry. When Kincaid got a hold of her, he stripped away everything she thought she was and left her broken and terrified. Questioning her trust in everything and everyone around her, Veronica left Los Angeles, hoping to make a fresh start. Unable to shake her demons, she found help in her neighbor, Dr. Sarah Wells, a Psychology professor at the local university.

Now, she is being forced back to Los Angeles in order to protect Hollywood’s most sought after bad boy, Erik Sinclair. On the cusp of super-stardom, he’s taken the role as a leading man in a major studio film, but someone thinks he doesn’t deserve it. Someone wants to hurt him.

A man with a reputation, Erik Sinclair is known for his talent, chiseled good looks, and the hordes of women clambering for his attention. Recently separated from his longtime girlfriend, he is tired of the typical Hollywood bimbos that he meets, and he sets his sights on the intelligent and sassy Veronica. He’s sexy, protective, and unrelenting in his pursuit of her, but he doesn’t know about the demons that haunt her.

When past and present collide, will Ronnie be able to face the darkness that haunts her and save the only man capable of fixing her?

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