Release Blitz with Review: Damage by Natasha Knight

October 15, 2019

DAMAGE (Collateral Damage #2) by Natasha Knight Release Date: October 15th
We’re a match made in hell, Stefan and I.
He took me to exact his revenge. I went from being a pawn to my father to being a pawn to Stefan. The only difference is I have a ring the size of a boulder on my finger and a husband I don’t want.
And the hardest part is I thought he was different. I thought I was falling in love.
I guess my father was right. I’m not a very smart girl.
Stefan is a powerful man. He doesn’t play nice, not if you’re his enemy. But I’ve learned one thing about my husband.
He takes care of what’s his.
And I am his.
His enemies have become my enemies, but he’ll never let anyone hurt me. He’s fiercely protective. It’s the predator inside that scares me.


Damage is the twist worthy conclusion to the Collateral Damage Duet that we were waiting for with Baited breath from the moment we experienced that cliffhanger. Gabi and Stephen’s tumultuous relationship knew no bounds and if you thought things were crazy in book one, you’re in for one heck of ride with this one.

Coming off the anxiety ridden cliffhanger, this story immediately picked up from where it left off with Gabi being in trouble and Stephen trying to save her. Lines were crossed that night and unknown enemies were made but Steven was going to stop at nothing to keep his fiancé safe and back at his side. With time moving and threats getting to be more serious, getting to her is his only main focus and his enemies can wait in line.


Trying to whether the difficult storm, Gabi is still trying to adjust to her new life with being the fiancé of a infamous Mafioso. With the new title, comes new threats and betrayals and soon enough, Gabi is going to learn to either be a pawn in someone else’s game, or be a queen and hold the power.

I have to say that I really loved how these two characters interacted in the first book. There was a lot of hatred and built up anger between them but you also felt that undeniable chemistry and when Stephen gave you a glimpse of his other side, you wanted to stay in the moment a little bit longer and I really liked that. I didn’t enjoy Gabi and Stephen’s interactions too much with this one and If I’m being honest, Gabi annoyed me. I was not a fan of some of the decisions she made and I felt like she was overlooking some very important things.

Aside from that, I think that if you’re a fan of arranged Mafia romance, then you should definitely give this one a try. This author is going to suck you in with her writing and give you some of the most frustrating, loving, and dangerous characters you’ve ever come across.

It’s midnight when we’re back at the house and I carry her to my room. She doesn’t resist when I strip off her clothes, her underthings still damp, and put her in the shower under a flow of hot water. I strip too and step in beside her and there’s no resistance when I kiss her. When I take her in my arms and kiss her as the water washes sea salt from us.
She opens to me and I cup the back of her head. I don’t ever want to stop kissing her. Don’t ever want to stop holding her like this.
When the water begins to cool, I switch off the shower and dry her then myself before lifting her up and carrying her to my bed. I lay her down and lie down beside her, shifting so I’m on top of her but keeping most of my weight on my forearms so I don’t crush her.
I slide one hand down and cup the mound of her breast. I run my fingernail over her nipple, and she moans into my mouth. When I pull away, it’s to look at her.
She licks her lips, reaches up to touch my cheek, slides her hand down to my chest and sets it against my heart.
We don’t talk. We don’t say a single word. Not for a long while. We just kiss and kiss and look at each other. And I can’t get enough of touching her. Tasting her. Can’t get close enough to her.
“Christ, Gabriela,” I start. “I want you.” I roll off her and onto my side to slide my hand down over her belly.
She cups my cheek, touches her mouth to mine. “Kiss me again.”
I do.
About the Author:
USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance, Natasha Knight specializes in dark, tortured heroes. Happily-Ever-Afters are guaranteed, but she likes to put her characters through hell to get them there. She’s evil like that.

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