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September 24, 2018

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Contemporary Romance
Stand Alone
Cover Designer: Letitia Hasser of RBA Designs
Photographer: Lauryn Alvarez Photography
Cover Model: Joshua Butler

My name is Brecklyn Brannon, and I’m not who I claim to be.

A year ago, I packed up my promising life in the city for a man I saw only once.

Accepting a temporary job with Cade and four blazing hot veterans should have been my way in.

Except, Cade acts like he would rather be tortured than speak to me.

He can resist all he wants, but I made a promise that I intend to keep.

Even if it costs me everything.

I’ve watched her for over a year.

There’s something about her that seems familiar… but now that she’s living here for two weeks, I could care less what it is.

I just want her gone.

Breck is temptation personified, and some lines can't be crossed.

I'm Major Cade Jameson, and I made a promise, too.

One that I can't break.

No matter how hard it gets.

All consuming and Deeply Moving
... and MORE!

You slayed me Kristy Marie! I love this book more than you'll ever know. 

Gorgeous by Kristy Marie was one of my anticipated book this year. Having been able to read Commander in Briefs, her debut, thrilled was an understatement to describe how I feel the moment Cade decided to grace my reader. I love him so much in book 1 that to read his journey to HEA is like home to me. I feel like he is coming home to me. 

So where should I start? Should I stress out to you how just few pages in and I am captivated already? That I have laughed so loud I felt like I am a mad woman? Or should I start by saying only 25% in and I was sobbing so hard my chest was bruised and at the same time I want to smack someone some sense then kiss him hard after like my life depended on him? Or should I say, this book left me in a deeply emotional state, where I am laughing now, crying the next then laughing again to crying with hot flushes all over my body and a smile so wide it reaches my ears? I am telling you this, even I myself had a difficulty writing this review. It's so hard for me to convey my emotions and thoughts into words as I don't think it will give justice the way it deserves. I don't know even how to simply praise Kristy as she has come a long way. I am proud to see her blossom into the author she is today because Gorgeous was utterly perfect! 

Cade and Breck were easy to love. In fact I don't think you need to read the 1st book (although I soooo want you to read it and have the full experience) to know and love Cade. Even then, he stole my heart and had a special place in there no one can reside. He is this man I was loving so hard and was looking foward to have a HEA. The broken in him spoke to me so highly. I can feel his very depth. I pained for him yet I adore him so much that even with flaws he is perfect for me. Know what's more? His grumpiness dampen my panties I decided not to wear anything at all. ;)

Breck on the other hand is the sunshine to Cade's darkness. They may be both hurting..both pained but I love her courage. Her strong persona was what made this story even more interesting. Her quirkiness and perkiness is so relatable. Even her insecurities felt so real. I can shout and say, 'You the woman, Breck! How to be you?". The relationship she had with his brother sends so much love and family feels to anybody reading it. Even that of the other guys was a breath of fresh air. It was refreshing. 

Together, she and Cade made a perfect pair. Their chemistry was undeniable. The slow burn romance and the build up of sexual tension got me that I was on the edge waiting for that perfect moment. And when it did, BAM! I fell even harder for both of them and their journey. Add up some hilarious moments and angstsy roller coaster ride and I was a goner. Kristy wasn't even done torturing me as I go along reading their tale, she managed to make me sobbed and bawl like a baby. God! I could not forget that ending. My heart felt so full I was afraid it will burst anytime. I admit, I have read that part a while back. I cried then, but I cried even more now. The glutton of punishment that I am, kept on rereading that part. I tell you, it still managed to make me sob regardless of how many times I read it. I just feel for Cade. For Breck to be able to finally made his walls crumble and heal him made me adore her even more.

Heart, are you still beating? Kristy has yet again made you feel HARD. 

God! All the stars for Gorgeous!

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About the Author:

A self-proclaimed reader enthusiast, Kristy started her writing journey back in 2009, reading and writing when her daughter was napping. Establishing her place in Corporate America (because something had to pay the bills), writing became her dirty, late-night secret.

After eight long years, she released her debut novel, Commander in Briefs. It was a long road, but she can honestly say, the road less traveled had the most beautiful sights.

The only thing Kristy Marie loves as much as reading and writing is sports! Especially those that require muscles and a nice ass. Her favorite is, and always will be, baseball. She's such a fan, that she even married her small town's high school's centerfielder where they still live with their three badass kids. 

Commander in Briefs is her first series but definitely not her last.
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